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🎄 Wholesomeness and Holiday Cheer!

Hi, you! In this time of holiday cheer, while we're working hard to keep RareSpawns up and running, we've decided to share some love with you all.

That's why we made a new website called Wholesome Meme, to share some wholesomeness and cheer you all up, because everyone deserves to be happy in these times. You've all been awesome! 🐶

- With love, the RareSpawns team!

Thank you all for your continued support and the great messages we've received so far! Private API access is closed for new registrations but if you still want to support us, you can do so by buying us a beer or a pizza.

And thanks to PokeHuntr for sharing data!

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-33.9300994838, 151.089034152

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-33.9300994838, 151.089034152